Connecting and resourcing

God’s family for wholeness

and Kingdom impact.


To see God’s family awakened,

activated, and unified

on Kingdom mission.

“And the Good News about the Kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world, so that all nations will hear it; and then the end will come.- (Matthew 24:14 NLT)

“The center of our message is the gospel of the Kingdom – good news about the King and his Kingdom. This message is the organizing force behind everything we believe and do.”

KNGDM Alliance is a family of churches and ministries

that is committed to sharing the Good News of the King and his Kingdom to all nations. Why? Because we are longing for the return of our King, who will bring justice and righteousness to a world that so desperately needs it.

KNGDM Alliance is a global family on Kingdom mission

The center of our message is the gospel of the Kingdom – good news about the King and his Kingdom. This message is the organizing force behind everything we believe and do. It’s the gospel that John the Baptist preached. It’s the gospel that Jesus himself preached. It’s the gospel that the apostle Paul and all the other apostles preached. And it’s the gospel we are called to preach – and demonstrate!

The gospel of the Kingdom is a radical message

that calls for our allegiance to Christ the King, over and against every other allegiance we may have in our lives. It’s a subversive message that puts the evil principalities and powers on notice that their grip on this world has come to an end because Jesus the King will return soon to take full control of what is rightfully his.


All of KNGDM Alliance’s values flow out of our central message: the gospel of the Kingdom – good news about the King and his Kingdom. Click to unfold.

  • These are the values we hold to:


    The Bible is the Word of God, and it’s one whole story from Genesis to Revelation (2Tim.3:16).


    There is more to reality than what the eye can see. We’re committed to discovering the unseen realm in a way that’s based on scripture – both old and new testament (Gen.3,6,11; Deut.32:8-9; Ps.82; Eph.6:12). We’re also committed to live supernatural lives as seen in the spiritual gifts, prayer, worship and spiritual warfare.


    God is calling every single believer to be a priest, representing him to the world, but starting in our homes, in our families (1Pet.2:5,9).


    God is calling both believers in Christ from Jewish background and Gentile background into one new man. Understanding the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith is pivotal. At the same time, Jews can remain true to their Jewish heritage, and Gentiles don’t need to become Jewish (Eph.2:11-22).


    As the new humanity, we’re all equals in Jesus, regardless of gender, age, or race (Gal.3:28; Col.3:11; Joel 2:28-29)


    God’s ultimate goal is for humanity to experience the wholeness it enjoyed before the fall, emotionally, spiritually and relationally. We can already experience a foretaste of that in the here and now in our lives and families (Ps.29:11; John 10:10; 3John 12; Rev.21:3-4).


    We believe that as the world gets darker and darker, God’s heart is to usher in revival around the world, working through local churches as colonies of the Kingdom (Matt.5:15-16).


    God is calling the church to be his bride, without spot or wrinkle. The ekklesia is “called out” of a dark world and is called to be separate from the world’s ways and the world’s systems. Therefore, he is restoring the church to its original intent, following the original patterns for church life and ministry (Eph.5:27; 1Pet.2:9; Acts 2:41-47).


    The church as God intended it to be is called to serve and stand up for the poor, the hurting and the downtrodden. We’re inspiring churches to fulfill this calling and offer practical avenues to make this happen (Isa.58).


    A local church is a family, therefore we believe that it consists of multiple generations encouraging and equipping each other (Deut.6:7,20-25; Joel 2:28; 1Tim.4:12; 1Pet.5:5; 1John 2:12-14).


    The church will only truly thrive in our day when all believers are equipped for works of ministry. To make that happen, the whole fivefold ministry needs to be released and stewarded (Eph.4:7-14).


    We believe that according to scripture marriage is reserved for relationships between one man and one woman, and sexuality belongs within the safety of a monogamous male-female marriage relationship (Gen.2:24,5:2; Heb.13:4).


    Through sacraments such as communion and water baptism, and other demonstrations such as prayer, bible reading, tithing, etc., we declare loyalty to Jesus as our King, and disavow loyalty to satan, the corrupt world system and sin. We show on whose side we are in the spiritual war that rages around us (Matt.28:18-20; 1Cor.11:23-26).

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